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  • Want sponsorship from Brakes Direct... read this first!


    Disclaimer: The following is the opinion of the management of Brakes Direct, and is specific (though probably not limited to) our business. What you're about to read may not apply at all to other businesses, and it may come across harsh, but think of it as tough love!

    Several of our management team share exactly the same passion you have and the battles you face, but at the end of the day, Brakes Direct is a business not a motorsport charity!

    And we're away... As a business that's heavily involved in motorsport, it's natural that people contact us wanting 'sponsorship' to fulfill their dreams... It happens a lot! Here's a few points on where we stand on sponsorship, and some tips that might actually help you get it across the line:

    • We're not a charity, so don't act like a victim. Nothing says "don't sponsor me" quicker than telling us how sad it is that motorsport is expensive and you can't afford it! This is a 'lack mindset' and nothing is more unattractive. As in start up businesses, there is MORE than enough money in the world for you to fulfill your motorsport dream, it's about how you attract it. Motorsport is expensive, always has been, always will be. Get over it, and work out what you're going to do about it!

    • We don't care about about your race results, seriously! Unless you're at the absolute pinnacle of your sport this is completely irrelevant. There are thousands of examples of people who get to the top who weren't the quickest, but they gained the support to make it happen. Most 'lack' minded people despise and attack these people in their mind "because they deserved it more than them". Here's a tip: Work out what they did different and learn from it. Cutting them down won't change your situation!

    • TV time and telecast statistics do not matter! It might make you feel warm and fuzzy seeing yourself race on TV, but from a brand perspective is does little. Truth is we can buy advertising with major TV networks for normally a lot less than most people's sponsorship 'opportunity'.

    • Speaking of 'opportunity', please do not call your proposal an "Exciting Marketing Opportunity!" or similar. Opportunity yes, exciting maybe, marketing no. It's branding at best and most people will see straight through it. Plus, it just sounds lame...

    • If you want us to sponsor you, you have to show what you can deliver that is of benefit to us. Everyone these days has a large networks of friends, family and colleges. Think outside the square about who you know and what we could get out of them. Sponsorship, at its simplest and easiest should just be deal making. Here's some examples:

    - If your family owns a car dealership or workshop and we become a exclusive supplier to them.
    - If you know someone famous, and they support your motorsport cause, could they come on board as an ambassador for Brakes Direct for little or no cost.
    - Do you know a product that either we can import, or a market or business we could export a current product to that reaps massive rewards.

    There's millions of ways that you could 'broker' a deal for us. If from a contact or relationship you have we make a million dollars that you couldn't make on your own, we'd happily 'sponsor' you $100k! We're a business, think about how we can make money from who or what you know that you couldn't do on your own, and how you could take a 'brokerage' fee alone the way.

    I hope that helps, and will prevent wasting both our time and yours! Above all, DO NOT give up! If you want it badly enough it will happen! When the 'why' is big enough the 'how' will take care of itself. Focus on how to make money, then worry about how to spend it. Most people get this the wrong way round!

    Best of luck to everyone who's putting their heart and soul into the sport we love! I wish you all the best!

    Yours in motorsport,
    Greg 'Latho' Latham
    Brakes Direct Managing Director
    Still living the WRC Dream!

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