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Brakes Direct to Launch Dual Gravel and Tarmac Rally Brake Package


At Brakes Direct we're getting asked more and more for brake kits for 15" rims, and during a conversation with a customer recently we had the idea of doing a combined gravel/tarmac kit! Basically to switch between the two you would just need to change the bracket and rotor. It would be a shared caliper, which would massively save on costs (and spares) if you were running both surfaces!

Right now we're taking expressions of interest in us developing this setup!

Basic overview:

• Will use Alcon's CRB332 caliper. This is a proper motorsport grade caliper and was the choice of Toyota in their recently developed R3 86 (See pics!). It has 2kg anti-knock back springs, is radial mount, removable bridge, very light etc...

• The CRB332 takes disc diameters from 285mm to 332mm and thickness from 28-32mm. So the sizes we'd be looking at would be 296x28mm for gravel (15" rim min), and 330x32mm for tarmac (17" or a very good 16" rim min).

• Rotors will be a DBA 2 piece with our motorsport spec 'NS' slot pattern.

• At this stage would just be for Evo/WRX but would look at other kits depending on demand.

• Price would be under $4k for the complete dual gravel/tarmac package including pads. Very good considering you're getting two pairs of two piece rotors, as well as brackets to match!

• Price for just the gravel kit would be $3297. To get the parts later to upgrade to tarmac would be about $1500, so there's a bit of saving in ordering together!

Any questions at all just let us know!

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