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  • Historic Racing Pads By Forza Brakes

    Are you doing #HistoricRacing... no problem! Forza Brakes does their incredible FR6 carbon fiber based race compound to suit popular historic shapes including:
    • Corvette Single Pin, interchangeable with:
    - Circo MB2786
    - PFC0008
    - Hawk HB126.512
    - Wilwood D8
    - Winmax 1383
    • Volvo 4 pot, interchangeable with:
    - Bendix DB549
    - Circo MB2678-15.6
    - Ferodo FCP9
    - Pagid 8042
    - Hawk HB204.615
    - Project Mu F8001
    - Winmax 1329-15.6
    FR6 is equivalent to:
    • Ferodo DS3000
    • Hawk DTC60
    • Project Mu H16-03
    • Endless ME20/CC40
    Compare the price you're paying to race! ;)
  • A70 Supra Front DBA 4000 Series T3 Rotors Now Available!

    ### Toyota A70 Supra Owners... another Brakes Direct Exclusive! ###
    Just landed: DBA 4000 Series T3 slotted rotors suit the front of A70 Supra... $198 each, free delivery Australia wide!
    The full range of parts to suit A70 Supra can found and ordered online directly from our store:

    A70 Supra T3 joins a long list of Brakes Direct exclusive DBA rotors, including:
    • T3 slotted suit rear JZX100 chaser
    • T3 slotted suit front 370mm CTV-S (Commodore upgrade)
    • T3 slotted suit front Ford Fiesta ST
    • T3 slotted suit front Ford Fiesta XR4
    • T3 slotted suit front LS400/Celsior
    • T3 slotted suit front VW G60 Corrado
    • T2 slotted suit front VW G60 Corrado
    • TS slotted suit front X3 Excel
    Trust Brakes Direct for Australia's largest range of performance brake parts!
  • VW G60 Corrado Rotors Now Available

    VW Corrado G60 rotors now available in DBA T2 and T3 slotted ready for immediate dispatch...
    The 280x22mm G60 rotor is not only used on the VW G60 variants, but also as a popular upgrade rotor on BMW's running the 4 pot RX-7 caliper!
    • Street Series T2 Slotted $158.40 each
    • 4000 Series T3 Slotted $198 each
    Delivery is free Australia wide, and both can be ordered directly from our G60 Corrado page:

  • Ford Fiesta ST Pads Now Available!

    Ford Fiesta ST Owners... yet another Brakes Direct exclusive!

    Stop paying too much for performance street pads for your ST... Remsa are a high temp European performance street pad rated to 650­°C and we have both front and rear on the shelf ready to go!


    Also available are Brembo, EBC Redstuff and Forza pads. All parts to suit Fiesta ST (including rotors!) can be found using the vehicle lookup, here's the direct link:

    Shipping is free Australia wide!


  • FREE Hoonigan T Shirt Offer with FP3 Pads

    FREE Hoonigan T Shirt or Snap Back Cap with every set of DB1678 Forza Brakes FP3 pads!
    If you drive one of these Brembo'd vehicles...
    • MY01-15 Subaru WRX STi
    • Mitsubishi Evo 5-10
    • Holden Commodore Redline
    • HSV GXP
    • Renault Megane RS250/265
    ...currently run of these pads...
    • QFM A1RM
    • EBC Redstuff
    • Bendix SRT
    • Winmax W3
    • Ferodo DS2500
    • Endless MX72
    • PFC97
    • Hawk HP+
    ...and want to STEP UP in performance whilst reducing dust, noise and rotor wear, then the only choice to make is what shirt or cap you'd like! ;)
    ONLY $189 delivered Australia wide for a set of DB1678 FP3 pads and Hoonigan t shirt or cap of your choice!
    How to order:
    1. Checkout the list of available shirts and caps below!
    2. Call us on 1300 724 943 to order with the style code you want, and if shirt, what size!
    3. Wait for your FREE overnight delivery!
    It's that easy! ;)

    Available styles:

    _________________________________________________________________________ HZ00A110
    _________________________________________________________________________ HZ00A441
  • Rear Brake Rotors To Suit Craig Lowndes Edition Now Available From Brakes Direct!

    ATTENTION CRAIG LOWNDES SPECIAL EDITION OWNERS......another Brakes Direct exclusive!Now available are the DBA 4000...

    Posted by Brakes Direct on Monday, November 2, 2015


    ...another Brakes Direct​ exclusive!

    Now available are the DBA 4000 Series T3 Slotted brake rotors to suit the REAR of your vehicle! Australia made, high carbon content and heat treated!

    $247.50 per rotor, and delivery is free Australia wide!

    Fronts to match are $228.80 each. As always, we have a wide range of pads to suit front basic street performance pads, through to high end competition!

    For more information, or to order call 1300 724 943!

  • Another win for Forza Brake Pads!

    Thanks to Forza Brakes for the awesome carbon fibre FR6 pad that we've been supplying to customers for evaluation! This...

    Posted by Brakes Direct on Monday, August 17, 2015

    Another win on debut for Forza Brakes in the Australian market, with Gordon Moore taking a class win at the recent Leyburn Street sprint against stiff conpetiton! He was testing the FR6 pad for Brakes Direct having previously only been happy with Performance Friction PFC01. The FR6 had better bite and modulation from cold giving superior confidence!
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  • Forza Brake Pads Win on Debut!

    Forza's FP3 pad took a class win on debut in the hands of Adam McLeod at the 2015 JapNats at QLD Raceway! Adam was using...

    Posted by Forza Brakes on Friday, July 31, 2015

    Forza's FP3 pad took a class win on debut in the hands of Adam McLeod at the 2015 JapNats at QLD Raceway! Adam was using Winmax W3 and found the FP3 pads to be a significant step up in performance at a lower cost!
    Upgrade for Endless MXRS/MX72, Project Mu HC+, Ferodo DS2500, PFC 97, Hawk HP+, Bendix SRT, Winmax W3 and Pagid RS4-2.
    ‪#‎forzabrakes‬ ‪#‎FP3‬ ‪#‎class‬ ‪#‎win‬ ‪#‎japnats‬ ‪#‎qldraceway‬

  • DBA 4000 Series Rotors to suit X3 Excel Race Cars


    Yet another Brakes Direct exclusive... DBA 4000 Series rotors to suit X3 Excel! When safety and performance matters, avoid the cheap imports and get a competition grade rotor!

    • Australian made
    • Thermographic temperature monitoring paint
    • XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron
    • TSP Thermal stability profiling to prevent high stress distortion
    • Far longer rotor life when used in competition compared to lower carbon non-heat treated trade servicing items!

    Available in both non-slotted (to meet CAMS series requirements) and T3 slotted! For a competition grade rotor, the pricing is ridiculous:

    • DBA 4000 Series Plain $140.80 per rotor
    • DBA 4000 Series T3 Slotted $148.50 per rotor

    Delivery is free Australia wide! Rotors are due into stock mid April, but with demand high and stock limited, pre-order now to avoid disappointment!

    To order, or for more information call us on 1300 724 943!

  • Brakes Direct to Launch Dual Gravel and Tarmac Rally Brake Package


    At Brakes Direct we're getting asked more and more for brake kits for 15" rims, and during a conversation with a customer recently we had the idea of doing a combined gravel/tarmac kit! Basically to switch between the two you would just need to change the bracket and rotor. It would be a shared caliper, which would massively save on costs (and spares) if you were running both surfaces!

    Right now we're taking expressions of interest in us developing this setup!

    Basic overview:

    • Will use Alcon's CRB332 caliper. This is a proper motorsport grade caliper and was the choice of Toyota in their recently developed R3 86 (See pics!). It has 2kg anti-knock back springs, is radial mount, removable bridge, very light etc...

    • The CRB332 takes disc diameters from 285mm to 332mm and thickness from 28-32mm. So the sizes we'd be looking at would be 296x28mm for gravel (15" rim min), and 330x32mm for tarmac (17" or a very good 16" rim min).

    • Rotors will be a DBA 2 piece with our motorsport spec 'NS' slot pattern.

    • At this stage would just be for Evo/WRX but would look at other kits depending on demand.

    • Price would be under $4k for the complete dual gravel/tarmac package including pads. Very good considering you're getting two pairs of two piece rotors, as well as brackets to match!

    • Price for just the gravel kit would be $3297. To get the parts later to upgrade to tarmac would be about $1500, so there's a bit of saving in ordering together!

    Any questions at all just let us know!

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