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Alcon was established in 1984 by engineer and sports car racer John Moore. Today Alcon specialises in the design, development and manufacture of specialist brakes and clutches for use in motorsport, performance road cars and specialist sectors such as defence, armoured protection and low carbon vehicles. Alcon is experiencing rapid growth in the demand of its products as they are adept at delivering programs that meet the stipulations of mainstream OEM’s at a cost that can be borne by low volume runs.

Alcon has been providing brake and clutch solutions to professional teams competing in the world’s premier motorsport series including F1, NASCAR, World Rally Championship, Indy Racing League, S2000 and the Australian V8 Supercars, as well as to competitors in Clubman and other classes.  Although Alcon is best known in racing, 50% of their activity is with prestige road car OEM’s, marque tuners, special vehicle builders, armouring and defence contractors, and the fast growing field of low carbon transport. Whether supplying innovative race-winning technology to teams in the F1 or advanced technology to a road vehicle, Alcon’s expertise is both learnt and applied at the very pinnacle of motorsport.





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Alcon supplies some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Audi, Bentley, Brabus and Jaguar Land Rover; as well as some of the most extreme applications such as the 900bhp/tonne Ariel Atom 500 and the Noble M600. Some of the applications for which Alcon has engineered innovative brake and clutch solutions are armoured protection, hybrid supercars, zero emission municipal trucks, low carbon taxis. With a wealth of experience and backed by its well-equipped development facility, Alcon thrives on the challenge of devising innovative and unusual solutions.

 Alcon ‘Advantage’ is a new range of off-the-shelf brake products tailored specifically for use by club racers and track day enthusiasts. The Alcon ‘Advantage’ gives drivers the competitive edge in braking, as well as providing dedicated support and service.






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