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Queensland Friction Materials is a Queensland based disc pad manufacturing and distribution company, established in Nerang in 1988 by John Kalnins and Charles Kalnins. The company places great importance in developing high quality asbestos free brake pads at competitive prices. Queensland Friction Materials have earned the reputation as a quality product with a high level of customer satisfaction in a wide range of disc brake pads for passenger, 4WD, commercial, and performance vehicles.


QFM Product Range Premium 4WD Eurotech Heavy Duty


In 2008 QFM expanded its manufacturing base with SCH industries in Thailand which has established a leading position in the Thailand automotive aftermarket. Due to the rapid changes in the automotive industry, QFM has focused all its attention and resources on keeping pace with these changes to meet the real needs of their customers. SCH Industries aids in this process by foreseeing this change to produce products that will lead and set standards for the industry. The collaborated engineering with SCH industries and QFM has raised the manufacturing capabilities, range and quality of the QFM range of products. This has resulted in additional 300 different part number references for the latest vehicles as well as numerous references their competitors do not have.  The importance of quality in brake friction material cannot be taken for granted.

As part of QFM’s commitment to quality and performance, ongoing research and development is performed on QFM’s existing and new products which are continually developed and tested. The quality control and assurance have achieved a typical customer satisfaction rate of 99.7%, and the comeback rate is less that 0.2% (2 in 1000). 


QFM Brake Pads Premium 4WD Eurotech Heavy Duty