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Rotors and Drums Australia commenced operations in Melbourne in 1987 and have grown from a small trade and retail parts supplier to offering the largest range of Disk Brake Rotors and Brake Drums in Australia and New Zealand. The RDA range encompasses a large number of vehicle applications and covers everything from Alfa to Volvo.

Rotor and drum manufacturing is a relatively new development within Australia, resulting in RDA sourcing from many regions throughout the world, some who have been manufacturing for over fifty years. By actively sourcing on the world stage, RDA is able to keep up to date and ahead of parts identification and stocking parts in the early stages of a vehicle’s life. Just as the latest and greatest cars are covered, older vehicle applications are by no means ignored as RDA applications go back to the 1950’s and 60’s.

RDA offers a complete range of brake components from standard vehicle applications, through to performance upgrades, as well as commercial and heavy duty equipment applications. RDA’s brake pads encompasses some 1700 applications in 7 different performance materials, offering a highly sought after combination of value for money and excellent operating performance. Released into the Australian market in early 2004, the RDA brake pad range is the result of exhaustive test program Australia wide under many and varied conditions, exhibiting continuous improvements in safety and braking performance.

RDA Dimpled Slotted Rotors Drums Pads Shoes

RDA rotors provide a cost effective solution while improving the stopping performance of any make or model of motor vehicle. RDA’s grooved and dimpled rotors increase the dissipation of water, dust and road grime from the contact area of a braking system, as well as showing improved integrity of the pad and rotor surface. The directional slotting surface also combats “out-gassing” which is caused by gas from the brake pad bonding agent forming a cushion between the pad and rotor, thereby reducing pad “bite”.

The materials used in RDA’s brake pads and shoes are asbestos free and comes in either non organic or semi-metallic compounds depending on the make and model of the car. The excellent matching/mating characteristics with a wide range of brake rotor manufacturers, ensures RDA brake pads will function as needed in most Australian road conditions.

RDA Slotted Direction of Travel