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Horsepower Brakes is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of brake friction products. Horse Power import and congregate a large range of the world’s best quality premium brake products from various experienced manufacturers around the globe. Horsepower understands that a vehicle braking system is one of the most important components on a vehicle, and as an ethical seller promotes road safety by providing customers with the broadest range of top quality products. 

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 Horsepower Brakes not only has outstanding safety braking performance, but is also renowned for achieving a decreased noise level, dust level, low cost and increased durability. All Horsepower brake pads are produced from the world’s leading manufacturers who have extensive knowledge and experience in brake production, each piece of brake pads are engineered to meet and exceed original genuine specifications. Horsepower brakes are manufactured in compliance with JIS-D4411Japan Industrial Standards for maximum performance, fit and longevity. Horsepower Brake Shoes are designed to provide the best overall stopping performance for everyday driving conditions.

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